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Everyone Needs A Coach

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

When I first became certified as a personal trainer, I remember thinking that worst case scenario I’d never have to hire my own trainer because I’d already know what to do. As in, I literally said this out loud to someone more than once...Well, let’s just say I was wrong!

When it comes to wanting to get better at something or learn something new, there is no doubt in my mind that having a coach is key.

There are of course many ways to gain knowledge, learn, and even implement new skills into your life on your own. But having someone who can help you get from where you are now to where you want to go can be the difference between reaching your goals and kinda-sorta doing the thing you want to do.

A coach can provide support, guidance, and accountability, while also helping you navigate challenges and avoid wasting time and energy on trial and error or getting frustrated when you (inevitably) come to a roadblock or plateau.

There are so many examples in life of how we get coaching and why it works:

- When you first learn how to drive, you don’t just go to drivers ed and then get behind the wheel by yourself – you have to actually practice driving in a car with a coach (thankfully).

- If you want to learn a language or an instrument, you find a teacher or coach.

- We ask other people to help us do things that we don’t want to do even though we could realistically do them, (or learn how to do them) - everything from taxes to cleaning the house to car maintenance or various other chores or tasks. While we may not call them ‘coaches,’ we get help or ask for guidance and advice from people who are experts in certain areas all the time.

For myself personally, I have a lot of coaches: I have a riding coach, a therapist, and a strength coach who writes my workout programs, because contrary to what I thought when I got certified, the last thing I want to do is come up with my own workouts. Plus, I’m human like everyone else and won’t push myself nearly as hard or do any exercises I don’t want to do.

I have a business coach who is helping me navigate career development and the steps needed to make it happen. I had coaches for both my personal training and nutrition certifications. I hired a REALTOR to sell my house, which is basically a house selling coach, right? (I mean, I could do that on my own...but I’m way better off letting someone with more skills in that area take care of it and guide me through the process!)

Think about the top athletes in any sport - they have tons of coaches. They probably have strength coaches and nutrition coaches. There are head coaches and assistant coaches, coaches for specific positions, video coaches, some even have sleep coaches. The more high-level or elite you want to be, the more coaches you have.

If you have a goal and you are not 100% confident you can and will do it on your own, finding a (good) coach will save you time, energy, and frustration.

In my experience it will also be a significantly more rewarding and insightful experience along the way, and you will get so much more out of it when you have someone providing feedback and expertise.

Do you already have a coach? Maybe a teacher, mentor, or therapist/counselor? Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t quite made it happen? And could you find a coach to help you get there? There is literally a coach out there for almost anything! (For example, I found out this year there are physical therapists for your tongue and mouth. Who knew!?)

Being a coach myself and having had many coaches over the years, I have really come to understand and appreciate the value of having someone who is more experienced at the thing I want to do help me bridge that gap. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t gotten over the idea that I should be able to do everything by myself, or struggling through things meant I was really doing it right.

In my mind, even just having someone to take a little bit of the burden off the thinking, planning, strategizing etc. - around whatever goal or skill I’m working towards - has been invaluable and frees up my brain and energy to put towards actually doing the things!

So in summary: coaches are great and everyone needs a coach.

What coaches do you have (or have you had) in your life? What have been the biggest benefits of your coaching experiences? Is there an area in your life where you might want to get a coach/teacher/mentor? Leave a comment and let me know!

Get a coach for whatever it is you’re wanting to learn or do or get better at.

If your health and wellness or self-care habits is one of those things, let’s have a conversation about how coaching can help you reach your goals!

“As a Level 2 Precision Nutrition certified coach, I will guide you through an online program to help you clarify your goals, simplify the process, take action, and discover the health and wellness you desire.” ~ Megan F Schall

...for a Free 30-minute phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss your needs and how I can help you discover the health and wellness you desire!

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