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Emotion requires motion

I heard the very end of an interview on the radio the other day - I don't even know what it was about, or who was being interviewed - but the last thing that was said was something like "Use your emotions to create action."

This reminded me of another concept I've heard several times (also not exactly sure where it originated): emotion comes from motion.

Both of these ideas got me thinking about how you can use your feelings and emotions to push you to take action, as well as using actual physical motion to change your emotions and how you're feeling.

All the feels!

Let's say you're feeling angry or frustrated, confused, or perhaps excited: how can you use those feelings to create positive forward momentum?

Maybe that would mean getting involved on an issue that you're frustrated or angry about, becoming more informed if you're feeling confused, or using your excitement and energy to propel you to take action in some way.

On the other hand, strong feelings and emotions can make you feel overwhelmed and stuck.* Inertia can set in because it just feels too hard to take action (this is totally normal BTW. Just your brain, doing it's thing.).

(*this isn't to say that having strong feelings - even negative ones - is inherently bad

or something that needs to be changed or "fixed." But when emotions are making

you feel stuck or unable to take action, finding ways to navigate and process those

feelings so you can move forward can be super helpful, even if you don't necessarily

remove the feeling itself.)

This is when getting yourself literally moving can have a powerful impact on how you are feeling. When your physical body is put into motion, it sets off a cascade of physiological effects that can completely change the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing.

Any type of movement will be helpful here, so whatever appeals to you or is easy and manageable to do is beneficial: take a walk, do some yoga, go for a run, lift heavy weights, play with the kids/dog, impromptu dance party etc.

Next time you notice strong emotions or feelings arising (which I'm guessing for most people is happening kind of a lot these days), see if you can:

- Use those feelings as motivation to take action

- Get your body moving to change how you are feeling

This is, like most (all?) things, easier said than done. And the first step is to become more aware of when your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are taking over.

In my coaching program, I offer personalized guidance for developing awareness, noticing and naming your thoughts and feelings, and creating small, simple action steps that fit into your everyday life - so you can feel less overwhelmed and more empowered when it comes to your health and well-being.

Check out my coaching page, send me a message, or apply for your coaching spot today to find out more and get started!

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