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Thursday Thought: What's the Worst that Could Happen?

Whether or not it's Thursday when you're reading this, it's a Thursday as I'm writing this

(and it's a quick thought for the day), so I'm going with Thursday Thought!

I came across this handy strategy recently, and I've been thinking about it (and using it) a lot lately.

If you're worrying about something (and really, who isn't worrying about something?), ask yourself: what's the worst that could happen?

Walk yourself through the very worst case scenario.

Get as detailed as possible.

Let yourself get acquainted with your biggest fear regarding the situation.

Then, come up with a plan for how you would deal with it if it actually happened.

If worse comes to worst, what would you do next?

Walking through the absolute worst case scenario - and realizing how you could deal with it - can alleviate a huge amount of the stress and worry that's running through your mind.

Your brain is free to let go of that thought loop and stop ruminating on the "what ifs."

I've found this to be a super helpful strategy for even the biggest worries that seem impossible to resolve.

If there's something stressful you can't stop thinking about, ask yourself: "What's the worst that could happen?"

You just might realize the worst isn't so bad after all!

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