New Year's Resolution? 10 Tips to Make it Happen

It’s that time of year again: a new year is on the horizon, a clean slate ahead...and possibly the urge to make grand plans for all the goals you want to accomplish in 2022.

There’s nothing wrong with using the new year as a jumping off point for change or goal setting – in fact, using some kind of milestone, turning point, or other significant event can be a great strategy for implementing change.

Where things tend to go off track is how we go about implementing change. Especially when it is tied to something like the beginning of a new year, where motivation and inspiration are super high, it’s easy to overestimate what is reasonable and realistic to achieve.

Instead of making a huge list of BIG EXCITING GOALS and trying to commit to doing everything all at once, here are 10 tips for creating resolutions, goals, or changes that you can actually stick to and make happen this year:

1. Create a clear action step

This is pretty self-explanatory, but often overlooked. Once you’ve determined your

goal or end result, you aren’t done yet – you have to figure out what are the actual

steps that will get you there.

Starting with the bigger picture, narrow down until you get to one tiny action step

you can take right away – and repeat consistently. Make it very clear what you are

actually going to do.

If your goal is to get more movement/exercise each week, that might mean doing

some kind of movement daily. And that might break down into something like

walking around the block after dinner each night, or doing 10 squats every time you

stand up from your desk.

Create a clear and deliberate action step that moves you toward your goal.

2. Make it small

Have I said this once or twice before?

If there is one strategy that I think can be most impactful, it’s probably this (which is

why I repeat it so often!), and it’s also the concept I think most of us miss or forget

to employ.