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Does your brain feel safe enough to change?

A big piece of successfully integrating change into your life involves regulating your nervous system.

Anytime you implement change - whether it is unexpected, out of your control, or a "negative" change (job loss, illness/injury, a global pandemic etc.), or something planned, expected, or "positive" (becoming a parent, moving, changing your eating/exercise habits), your brain exhibits a stress response.

This is because your brain's job is to maintain the status quo (aka: safety), and any signs of disruption to your safety and security can create physiological signals of distress.

(This doesn't necessarily mean that these signals of distress are "bad" or inherently

harmful. Stress can actually be a positive influence, as long as you are able to

adequately recover from it.)

The challenge is that when your brain exhibits a stress response, it can make it that much harder to move forward or actually implement the change because of this resistance.

And this is where it becomes so important to manage your nervous system response when you want to create a change in your life.

Luckily, there are many ways to simply and easily calm your central nervous system, lower the threat response, and help yourself successfully generate the changes you are seeking (or at least make it a little easier)!

This could be in the form of more traditional stress management techniques (breathing drills, mind/body scan, movement, etc.), but it can also be achieved through things like better nutrition, improved sleep quality, or mindset work.

And this is where a good coach, counselor, or therapist can really come in handy: to help you discover your individual stress response patterns, what skills and strategies will be most beneficial for you, and how to build those skills into your daily life.

If you are struggling to make a change in your life, are experiencing resistance, or feeling your stress response kick in, I highly recommend finding someone to help you through the process.

And if you're ready to have guidance and support for managing stress and creating the changes you want in your life, I'm here to help!

In my coaching program, we'll work together to determine what skills and practices will best help you reach your goals, and develop a simple and sustainable plan for implementing them into your real life - so you can get from where you are to where you want to be, without the stress and overwhelm.

Learn more about my program here, contact me, or fill out an application for your coaching spot to get started today!

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