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Transform Your Health and Body with
2 Simple Steps



Do you want to take charge of your health and wellness but can’t stand the thought of another diet plan or exercise program?

Would you like to feel great and change your body without restricting food or exhausting yourself at the gym?

Maybe you’re tired and burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed, or just not feeling as good as you’d like physically and mentally.

And when you’re in that place, it’s impossible to take on a big overhaul of your health habits.

Who has the time and energy to plan every meal, spend an hour at the gym every day, and do all the other things we’re told we “should” do in the name of self-care?

There is another way.

  • You can make significant improvements to how you feel, function, and live – just by making small, simple changes to the things you already do on a daily basis.

  • Health and wellness does not have to mean complicated diets, expensive gym memberships, or constantly thinking about food and exercise.

  • Focusing on the basic, foundational principles of health and making adjustments that work for you and fit into your real life can provide amazing results.

  • And by keeping it super simple, taking it one step at a time, and not overwhelming your body and brain, you can create lasting habits that give you a stable foundation for long-term results.


I know what it's like. 

 I didn’t always live a life that prioritized fitness, nutrition, or my overall health. As a teenager, I was uncomfortable in my body - I really wanted to feel healthy and strong, but instead I felt tired, weak, and out of tune with my physical self.

After many failed attempts at creating an exercise routine and changing what I ate via the “all-or-nothing” approach (aka: workout every day for an hour and track all my food), I finally adopted a more moderate mindset during college and made some real progress, and my growing interest in fitness and health led me to become a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.

But the fear of losing all the progress I’d made - while also being immersed in the world of fitness and nutrition - started to push me to the other extreme. My whole world revolved around what I was doing for workouts and what I was (or wasn’t) eating, and eventually, I completely and totally burned out.

It wasn’t until I started prioritizing rest and shifted my focus from *what* I was eating to my experience around eating, that I began to feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally: I had more energy and focus, was motivated to move my body in enjoyable ways, and felt like I was in charge of my own health without overthinking it.

And as I started coaching others through their own health journeys, I felt like I’d discovered a secret: simply focusing on sleep and bringing awareness to eating could change everything – without the pain and suffering of restrictive diets, punishing workouts, or the head games that come with calorie counting and “no pain, no gain” mindsets.

More does not always = more. I see people every day who are pushing harder and harder to reach their goals, without much success. And as scary as it was for me to give up the “eat less, exercise more” mantra and try the “less is more” approach, now that I’ve seen the results, I want to share it with everyone I know.

I created this course to guide others who are tired of the hustle, tired of the diet programs and meal plans, tired of being overwhelmed - tired of feeling tired! It doesn’t have to be a constant struggle or be complicated and uncomfortable - you can discover true health and wellness by making simple, sustainable changes that actually work in your real life.


Start here, with better sleep and more mindful eating, and see how powerful the results can be.

How do you know if my program can help? This is for you if:

  • You’ve ever found yourself staying up to watch one more Netflix episode because you’re too tired to get up and go to bed.

  • You use an alarm to wake up every morning and get jolted out of a deep sleep.

  • You feel tired during the day, or rely on caffeine to wake you up or keep you going.

  • You experience food cravings or lack the energy to get basic movement into your day.

  • You know how important sleep is but you’re feeling stuck and not sure where to start.

  • You’d like to improve your eating and exercise habits, but you’re just too tired or overwhelmed to take on another diet or workout program.

  • You rush through meals without even tasting your food.

  • You want to change your relationship with food so you can enjoy eating without rules, meal plans, or calorie counting.

  • You want to have healthier eating habits but don’t want to spend all your time or energy thinking about food.


Sleep, Eat, Repeat: 2 Simple Steps to

Transform Your Health and Get the Body You Want

(Without Diets or Exercise!)


Sleep, Eat, Repeat is an 8-week online course that will guide you through the process of creating consistent, quality sleep, and practicing slower, more mindful eating.

Each two-week module will offer resources and skill building lessons, visual guides, videos, daily accountability and reminders, progress tracking, and more.

You’ll have all the tools you need in one place, so you can build the foundation of health that allows you to thrive.

Over the course of 8-weeks, you will:

Module 1
(weeks 1-2)

Create a Sleep Schedule

  • Develop a sleep schedule that fits you and your lifestyle

  • Regulate your circadian rhythm to promote better sleep

  • Implement sleep hygiene practices for high-quality sleep

Module 2
(weeks 3-4)

Create a Sleep Ritual

  • Create a sleep ritual to prepare your body for restorative, quality sleep

  • Explore practices that help you wind down and feel ready for sleep at the right time

  • Learn how hormones and supplements can affect sleep, and what you can do about it

Module 3
(weeks 5-6)

Eat Slowly and Mindfully

  • Practice eating more slowly and mindfully

  • Learn to recognize hunger and fullness cues

  • “Notice and Name” how food makes you feel

  • Change your experience around eating without having to change the food you eat

Module 4
(weeks 7-8)

Eat Until Just Satisfied

  • Discover what it feels like to eat until satisfied vs. too full

  • Distinguish between physiological hunger and emotional/mental hunger

  • Learn strategies for coping with stress eating, cravings, and weekend overeating


  • Access to a personalized app where you will track progress each day, view additional resources, and take notes on your journey

  • Daily email or app notifications reminding you to check in, what module you’re working on, and how to rate your progress

  • Availability to upload photos and take measurements as one measure of progress (entirely optional!)

  • Suggested supplements list for better sleep – a guide on well-researched, safe supplements that can help you discover your best night's sleep

  • Kitchen Makeover package – walks you through a step-by-step process for setting up your kitchen environment to help you succeed

  • Hand portion guidelines – learn to estimate portion sizes and tune into your own hunger and fullness cues using just your hands!

  • Meal planning and prepping guides – visuals for creating healthy, delicious meals, and guides for prepping food ahead of time so better options are always within reach

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Money Back Guarantee:

fabian-blank-pElSkGRA2NU-unsplash (1).jpg

I want you to get what you need and leave this program feeling better than ever.

If you are not satisfied at the end of your program, I offer a money back guarantee:

A full refund is available for 7 days following completion of the course, with 70% participation rate over the 60-days. 

If you’re ready to ditch the diets, master the basics, and reclaim your health through small simple, steps – let’s do this! Claim your spot in the Sleep, Eat, Repeat online program today.

  • You CAN get better sleep, and it CAN change your life.

  • You CAN enjoy food and eating without feeling guilty or compromising your health.

  • You CAN see results without going on another diet or exhausting yourself in the gym.

  • Small changes produce big results, and building your health foundation is where it all begins.

  • Once you have these tools in place, you’ll have the basis you need to take on whatever comes next.

8-week Course: Self-Directed

(4) 2-week Modules, self-directed via online portal and/or app, all bonuses included. 

1 Payment of $497

3 Monthly Payments of $179

Buy Now

8-week Course:

With Coaching

(4) 2-week Modules, all bonuses, plus:

  • Weekly coaching feedback

  •  Unlimited messaging via online portal/app

  • (1) 30-minute Zoom session with Megan

1 Payment of $1597

3 Monthly Payments of $579

Buy Now
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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will I have access to the course content?

               You’ll have access to everything in your portal for the duration of the 8-week program. If you choose to continue with coaching beyond the 8 weeks, you will continue to have access to any previously completed work and resources. Bonus worksheets and guides will be provided at the end of the 8-week course and are yours to download and keep.

What happens after the 8 weeks is up?

               After your 8-week program has completed, you’ll have built skills and habits that you can continue practicing and honing on your own. If you’d like additional guidance or want continued support, you can repeat the course to dive in deeper or sign up for my VIP package to get customized coaching for whatever health and wellness needs you’d like to address next.

I already sleep well and/or eat well/slowly – do I still need to do this program?

               Even if you’re already sleeping well, focusing in on your sleep patterns and implementing the strategies you’ll learn can improve your sleep quality and regulate your internal clock, ensuring you’re getting the most restorative sleep possible. And if you are already happy with your eating habits, learning to eat slowly and mindfully and tune into your hunger and fullness cues is a useful tool to have in your toolbox, and you just might gain some unexpected insights!

My goal is weight loss – will this help?

               Getting better sleep and eating more slowly can absolutely help with weight loss. All of your body’s systems are impacted by sleep, and getting more high-quality rest can lower stress, boost metabolism, support hormonal functions, and give you more energy to engage in other healthy behaviors. Eating more slowly allows you to notice hunger and fullness cues and enjoy your food more so you can be satisfied without overeating.

How much time investment is involved on a weekly/daily basis?

               This is going to be different for each individual, but in general I’d say if you can devote 5 minutes a day for checking in and noting your progress, and another 5-20 minutes throughout the day to practice skill building, you’ll be well on your way! If you have additional time to read an article or lesson, or do a little extra planning or preparation – awesome! But ultimately, small amounts of time done consistently each day will have you moving in the right direction – it all adds up!

My sleep schedule is impossible (newborn, shift work, etc.) – how can this help?

               There are certainly times in life where good, consistent sleep just isn’t going to happen. And that’s ok! At the same time, even very small improvements can not only help you get better quality sleep (when you can), but can also set you up to get your sleep back on track when the time is right. You’ll learn how to regulate your body’s 24-hour clock, how to use naps strategically, and other tips and tricks that can get you better sleep now. Especially when sleep is hard to come by, quality of sleep is more important than ever, and tiny changes really can help!

Image by Charlie Green

David M. 

“Megan has been not only a wonderful coach, but a nutritional therapist of sorts. She has taught me how to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with food through small but effective everyday habits. She has helped me create a baseline for healthy eating, exercise and positive mindsets such that I always feel in control and empowered to make positive changes in my life. I can't recommend her highly enough for anybody; she will help you find ways to empower yourself so that YOU are in charge and your progress is yours.”


Image by tabitha turner

Anne W.

“Megan has been not only a wonderful coach, but a nutritional therapist of sorts. She has taught me how to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with food through small but effective everyday habits. She has helped me create a baseline for healthy eating, exercise and positive mindsets such that I always feel in control and empowered to make positive changes in my life. I can't recommend her highly enough for anybody; she will help you find ways to empower yourself so that YOU are in charge and your progress is yours.”

Image by Amy Hirschi


"She is very different than other nutrition coaches I have worked with as she doesn’t have you keep a food journal (unless you want to!), doesn’t make you feel bad for your current eating habits and also doesn’t make you totally change your diet. She listens and works with your current diet and your current habits and makes suggestions to enhance what you are already doing. This subtle suggestions to your current diet make a huge impact over time. I have become so aware of how I eat and around my daily protein consumption – which is something that I always struggled with. I highly recommend Megan and look forward to working with her again!"

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